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❤️🌄Embera Chamí "Habitante de Montaña"❤️🌄

Where are they❓

🌈 The majority of the Chamí population is found along the San Juan River and in the municipalities of Pueblo Rico and Mistrató, Risaralda department, Colombia💛💛💙❤️. Others populations are locate in the Garrapatas and San Quiníni rivers, municipalities of Dovio and Bolívar, department of Valle del Cauca and in the Resguardo de Cristiana, municipalities of Jardín and Andes in the department of Antioquia. There are also Chamí settlements in Quindío, Caldas, Valle del Cauca and Caquetá.💞

There are cultural differences among the Embera Indígenas due to the environment in which they live. Thus, the Embera is made up of two large groups: Dobida and Eyabida.

💧The Dobida are the people whose way of life revolves around the river: their houses and orchards are on the banks of the river, fishing is a permanent activity.

Among the Eyabida are the Embera Katío and the Embera Chamí, which share the pre-Hispanic and colonial history of the Embera, characterized by their continuous 💪 resistance to the conquering incursions until the 17th century, when most of the people fled to the jungles. These people stand out for the dispersion of their settlements located on the river basins, where they have developed for hundreds of years a culture adapted to the tropical rainforest ecosystems🌱🌱.

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