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Welcome to Achiote!


We're going to bloom with colors🌈 !

Handmade Jewelry &


People, energy, colors, jungles, and more 🐦🌱🌸… Yes! that’s Latinoamerica and you will discover it through jewelry & patchwork. All the richness that exists in a little piece of this beautiful continent, we will fall in love with it, and since now; we are going to bloom with colors, and probably we will get addicted to it.😎 

Meet Sulay

Jon Doe

Hii, I am Sulay Perez and Colombian 💛💙 ❤️ I would like to invite you to dive with me in this journey of colors🌈 , it will not be easy, who said it would be?

But the most important thing is that you will love it, and feel yourself in this universe of colors, so please 🙏 help me to continue expanding this pollen disguised in energy💫.

You can click here to know a little bit more about me and where I'm from.

Chau for now and cheers❤️

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