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💞 Well, Well I don’t even know how to start to write our story 😂😂hahaha😂, maybe this is embarrassing for me because right now I’m just writing what I feel and I think;  I know that this is the beginning, but as well, I’m doing it because I also want to explain to you how I started with this Idea and why YOU, Yesss, YOU 😘!  the person who is reading this, is writing this story with me✍️.


I always have been a person who likes a lot the adventures and even if I didn’t have the money, the tools, and the documents. 💁It always has been in my blood, and the indigenous, colors, flavors, energies from South America, definitely are in my DNA💃, and from the depths of my adventurous soul, I want you to help me spread it around the world🙏.


Right now most people don’t know well about this amazing land and all the great things it has to offer like its colors and crafts. Especially my country Colombia which is more than Pablo Escobar, it’s such an amazing paradise🌴.


To sum up, through handmade jewelry and patchwork, I want us to expand this energy of colors because it is a way to not only have an object that represents us, identify and make us bloom with colors🌈, it is also to help the chain that is in this whole process.


Indeed, in our process to discover these amazing things and of course with it to keep finding ourselves and bloom with colors🌈...


😚Without further ado, would you like to join me on this journey?🙏 Thank you so much for your time and ...


❤️Chau for now❤️

Brown and Green Clean Grid Color Inspira
Foto achiote.jpeg
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