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Let´s #bloomwithcolors esta primavera 🌹 🌷!

❣️Do you remember about Achiote? Well, well 😎😎finally is here!

But… wait how❕❓

After a very long two years⌛️ and a half, I went home to visit my family, moreover to bring some Colombian colors🌈 and the energy of the indigenous🍃 but before you discovered this little treasure💎 I want you to thank you for all your support and for been reading this now.

😘Achiote is a way to discover more about Colombia🌺 and #bloomwithcolors our souls 🍃 through this handmade jewelry from the indigenous Embera and patchwork made from Molas which are made in the hand of Gunas from Uraba Antioqueño in Colombia <3

For this reason, this is the perfect way to welcome this beautiful spring 🌹 🌷 🌼 with some pillows made from molas, which are made with layers of fabrics of different colors 🌈 by the indigenous, after that my mom sews molas and makes pillows.

The art in the molas are unique because they represent their dreams, mother earth 🎋 and the design is create by them, for some communites sell their handicraft is a way to make money and bring the food for their families.

This beautiful art, is so beautiful, So I hope you start this season with the best energy and with this explosion of colors

😍I don’t want you to feel more boring reading this, so here some treasure para que te antojes😋😍


With love ❤️❤️

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